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Disability Services

Head Supervisor at HPA

Sibo and Yuki 

Cash for Containers - Down Syndrome Association NT Darryl 

Senior Disability Support Officer - Somerville


Why disability work?

There are lots of different jobs and more jobs coming. 

It can be very rewarding to help people with disability take greater control over their lives.


Get to work in a range of workplace and community settings with lots of variety available


You get to work with others to support people to have the best opportunity for fulfilled and productive lives.

Do you have these skills?

  • Enjoy connecting and working closely with others
  • Patient and friendly
  • Enjoy working with diverse cultures and different cultural perspectives
  • Adaptability, to suit different abilities of the people you work with


Helping People Achieve (HPA)

Tony Burns

Chief Executive Officer

Kayne Mabey

Kate Powick


Somerville Community Services Inc

Disability, Family and Financial Services

Vicki O’Halloran

Chief Executive Officer

Debbie Bampton

Service Development Manager and Administrator Disability Services

Jessica Anglesey

Victoria Large

Diana Setyorini


Ms Annie Rily

Chief Executive Officer

Sibo Banda

Yukiko Kurauch


Downs Syndrome Association of the Northern Territory Inc.  

Rachel Kroes

General Manager

Daryl Farquharson

ISACNT would like to thank the following employers for their contribution to this project

If you are looking for employment opportunities to obtain jobs in Disability Services, here are pathways to explore. 

  • Find out about the job or career you are considering.   
  • Develop your knowledge about jobs available with employers or business in the region.
  • Consider if you have the skills and knowledge to do that job or do you need to develop these further.

Vocational education and training (VET) helps people develop their skills and knowledge to do a job across a wide range of careers and industries. Follow this link to find out more about completion of VET to increase your employment success.  

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