Early Childhood Educator

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Early Childhood Educator and Assistant Teacher - Murraya Children's Centre, Darwin


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Why Early Childhood Educator?

Professionals who have an important role in the care and wellbeing of children in their care.


Get to work in small teams to help shape the important growth and development of children.


Opportunity to work in creative and adaptive environments that are culturally rich and diverse.


Murraya Children's Centre

Sarah Lloyd



Ashley Albert

Do you have these skills?

  • Able to manage career, work life and seek out new learning opportunities.
  • Communicate well to work and connect with children, families and colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Enthusiasm and energy to interact with young children, families.
  • Connect and work well with others

If you are looking for employment opportunities to obtain jobs in Early Childhood Education, here are pathways to explore. 

  • Find out about the job or career you are considering.   
  • Develop your knowledge about jobs available with employers or business in the region.
  • Consider if you have the skills and knowledge to do that job or do you need to develop these further.

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