Mental Health

In a career transition or looking for a new opportunity?

There are great job prospects across the Northern Territory.

Adult Peer Support Worker and Mental Health Coordinator - Carers NT 

Carmen and Noelene 

Support Worker - TEAMHealth in Aged Care 


Mental Health Recovery Assistance Program - TEAMhealth


Coordinator & Psychosocial Rehabilitation Worker - PAPAYA TEAMhealth Darwin 

Catherine and Marshall

ISACNT would like to thank the following employers for their contribution to this project

Why Mental Health?

Great opportunity for professional development and career pathways.


Variety in work across a range of services to support people with mental illness.


The opportunity to make positive and lasting impact to those needing assistance across community.



Helen Egan

Chief Executive Officer

Roby Lacey

Human Resource Officer

Marshall Chakawa

Kasee Hollwell

Bibitha Ben

Catherine Kubiak

Heather King

Carers NT

Steve Vitone

Chief Executive Officer

Sharon Tentyre

Executive Officer

Noelene Armstrong

Carmen Rautoka

Do you have these skills?

  • A good listener
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Capable of making smart decisions
  • Caring and supportive of others
  • Patience and a high level of professionalism
  • Good communication and negotiation skills

If you are looking for employment opportunities to obtain jobs in Mental Health, here are pathways to explore. 

  • Find out about the job or career you are considering.   
  • Develop your knowledge about jobs available with employers or business in the region.
  • Consider if you have the skills and knowledge to do that job or do you need to develop these further.

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