Youth  Worker

In a career transition or looking for a new opportunity?

There are great job prospects across the Northern Territory.

Youth Development Coach - YouthWorx NT 

Tiana and Leisa 

ISACNT would like to thank the following employers for their contribution to this project

Why Youth Work?

Placing young people and their interest first, individually or in small groups from a variety of backgrounds to equip them for successful futures.


Work alongside young people in their community context, in their culture, family and peer group situations.


Empowering work that advocates for and facilitates a young person’s independence, participation and connectedness in society.


YouthWorX NT

Liz Reid

Chief Executive Officer

Carina Frew

Transition to Work Coordinator

Tiana Hokins

Leisa Davies

Do you have these skills?

  • Can you lead and develop others
  • Enjoy working with others to gain trust
  • Are you good at starting and finishing things
  • Interact and work well with others
  • Identify and solve problems

If you are looking for employment opportunities to obtain jobs in Youth Services, here are pathways to explore. 

  • Find out about the job or career you are considering.   
  • Develop your knowledge about jobs available with employers or business in the region.
  • Consider if you have the skills and knowledge to do that job or do you need to develop these further.

Vocational education and training (VET) helps people develop their skills and knowledge to do a job across a wide range of careers and industries. Follow this link to find out more about completion of VET to increase your employment success.  

Follow this link to find out about working in the Northern Territory.

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